The Type 181 Registry offers two awards to recognize those
  individuals and businesses that serve as a positive influence to the
Volkswagen Type 181 community.
  The Type 181 Registry applauds
their interest and efforts to make our community a better place.

The Awards are:
The Type 181 Site Award
The Type 181 Page Award



Type 181 Site Award


              1. Entire site must be dedicated to the Volkswagen Type 181. 
                  (See page Award)

               2. Must be regularly maintained and information current.

               3. Must do own work or obtain permission and credit those that did 
                    the original work.  If you suspect someone of stealing your original
                    work let us know and we will attempt to help you correct the problem.

      4. Must be primarily a reference site that benfits the Type 181 community. 
              (i.e. Event schedules, repair Tips, Gallery, links, parts sales, History, etc)

               5. Must be "G" Rated

               6. Apply for the award. 


Type 181 Page(s) Award Requirements
         1. Is one or more pages of a personal site showing your car or other
              items you consider personally interesting about the Type 181. 
             The primary purpose of this site is other than the Type 181.

               2. Must do own work or have permission from and credit those that 
                  did the original work.

               3. Must be in good taste and "G" Rated

               4. Apply for the award