Pacific Northwest Thing Association
Monthly Cruise



Join us each month
for soup & sandwiches and a short cruise.


The February Valentine's Cruise
Sunday February 15th

This is our 13th annual Valentine's Cruise to Port Townsend.
It is one of our most popular gatherings. You don't need a show car -
we just cruise up Hood Canal from the south or
across Whidbey Island from the north to Port Townsend -
see the beautiful Victorian homes, the antique shops and then to a light lunch.
After lunch we go to Fort Worden Lighthouse for our customary photo op.

Souvenir Dash Plaques will be given to all cars Participating.

A gorgeous drive, a beautiful town and good company.

Visiting Fort Worden

Court House


Pictures at the Fort Worden Light House

Good company for lunch

Waterfront Pizza

Southern contingent rendezvous in Hoodsport

Thingers at the Ice Cream Shop

Ann Starrett Mansion

Photo Op at the Old Fire Bell

Getting ready to take in the sights

We meet at the parking lot at Madison & Washington Streets at 10:30AM.
If you RSVP we can try to hook you up with others on the way.
Otherwise, the southern rendezvous point is 9AM in Hoodsport. There's only one street - just look for the Things.
Anyone from the Seattle/Everett area can meet Al & Don for the 8:30 Edmonds Ferry to Kingston.

For more information or to RSVP click on the envelope below.




Upcoming Cruises
March: Antiques Cruise - Snohomish, Washington
April: PACCAR Test Facility - Mount Vernon, Washington
April: Capital City Spring Fling, Olympia, Washington
May: Loyalty Day Parade - Long Beach, Washington
May: Cruise to Thing Shop Show, Fontana, California

June: Kuebeltreffen Northwest May 31, Shelton, WA

If you would like to host your own afternoon cruise let us know.
We'll help you get the word out to other Thingers in your area.


 Saturday or Sunday Suggested Cruise Format

1. Meet at an easily reachable location 10-11 AM
(i.e. Walmart parking lot)

2.  After a 1 hour wait and chat, start cruise to landmark, antique shops, waterfront or view point.
Take lots of pictures!!!

3. Then head for Pizza Parlor, Deli or other eatery for good conversation over good food.

4. Done - Time: about 3-4 hours depending how much chatting takes place. Cruise should not be long but should include interesting place(s). Do not be discouraged if you do not draw a crowd. Remember there's not many of us in any one place. The worst thing that could happen is that you wait in a parking lot by yourself for an hour.