Type 181, 182, 82 and 166 Gallery

Europe #1

These are pictures of VW Type 181's, 182's, 82's and 166's from Europe.
Here is your chance to see what other's have done to their cars and maybe give you a few ideas.
If you want to see the cars in more detail just click on the thumbnail for a full sized picture.

Claus Jensen
1974 - Denmark
Svebølle, DK

Helmuth Kragh
1941 - (Denmark)
Bylderup-Bov, Denmark

 Søren Aabenhus
???? - DK
????, Denmark

Razvan Angelescu
1970 - Romania

Jerzy Mydlarz
???? - Poland

 Manfred Hietz
1970 - A
Bezirk Baden Austria

Niclas Ostman
1970 - (SWE)
Motala, Sweden

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Franziska Bischof
Franziska Bischof
1971 - CH

Dave Jenkins
???? - Switzerland

Patrik Von Allmen

Patrik von Allmen
1971 - CH
Berne, Switzerland

Bjorn Erik Ellefsen
1972 - NO
Aalesund, Norway

 Jean-François Mullender
1971 - BE
Brussels, Belgium

Fabian Van Campenhout
 Fabian Van Campenhout
1970 - BE
Antwerp, Belgium

Marc Van Looke
1974 - BE
Duffel, Belgium

Pieter-Jan Vanhaesebrouck
1977 - BE
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