Type 181, 182, 82 and 166 Gallery


These are pictures of VW Type 181's, 182's, 82's and 166's.
Here is your chance to see what other's have done to their cars and maybe give you a few ideas.
If you want to see the cars in more detail just click on the thumbnail for a full sized picture.

Frank Schulte
1971 - DE
Wesel, Germany

Harald Krug
1971 - DE
Eppensen, Germany

Arnd Klinkhart
19?? - (GER)
Hamburg, Germany

Jan Thauer
1979 - (DE)
Stuttgart, Germany

Hans-Werner Mommertz
Hans-Werner Mommertz
1974 - (D)
Wolfsburg, Germany

Michael Heidler
1976 - (DE)
Steinheim am Albuch

Stefan Knerr
1977 - DE
Frankenberg, Germany

Stefan Knerr
1974 - DE
Frankenberg, Germany

Matthias Kuehnel
1973? - DE
Nuremberg Bavaria

Thomas Hohl
Thomas Höhl
1974? - DE
Maintal Hessen/Germany

Kai Lauer
1971 - DE
Hessen, Germany

 Lutz Neumann
1974(?) - DE
??, Germany

Walter Frankonia

Walter Frankonia
1973 - DE
Nuremberg, Bavaria

 Oliver Wies

Oliver Weis
1971 - DE

 M. Stollenwerk

M. Stollenwerk
1973 - DE


Andre Fischelmanns
1973 - DE
Mönchengladbach, Germany
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