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Chevy 3.1L V-6

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Profiled in the latest
issue of "Thing Stuff"

Colin Fallam's
Type 181 with a
1992 Chevy 3.1L V-6 Engine

Also features Les Polette's
Type 4 Install and KTE 2003

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What is the Type 181 World Wide Registry
And Who Are We

What we are not is the now defunct Thing Registry of Riverside, California!

    The Type 181 World Wide Registry is the result of the phenomenal growth and success of The Pacific Northwest Thing Association and Things West. It was apparent that when over 60% of our members were from outside the west that the terms "Northwest" and "West" were no longer truly representative of our membership. With interest growing in our 24-32 page newspaper and our reputation of being a very active group of participatory Thing enthusiasts, membership increased 600% in the first 14 months. We are now the largest Type 181 organization in the world with members from 18 countries and 49 of the United States. (Still looking for a Thinger from Rhode Island)

    The purpose of The Type 181 World Wide Registry is to promote the preservation and enjoyment of the Volkswagen Type 181 and 182 throughout the world. Although we hold no formal meetings, membership does provide the opportunity to participate in various scheduled Type 181 activities of your choosing. We network through our newspaper "Thing Stuff", we host annual Kubeltreffen-Americas and Thing Flings, and sponsor activities like cruises, parades, day tours and the occasional overnight tour. Our activities are made possible by our network of volunteer Event Coordinators throughout the country.  Our members also receive discounts at participating VW businesses.

    Join with these other Type 181 and 182 owners from the following countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, Sweden, United Arab Emerites and the United States

Membership Application

The Type 82/181/182
Thing, Kubelwagon, Safari, Trekker, 'Mehrzweckwagen'

Scrapbook of over 260 Type 181's belonging to proud owners around the World

Type 181 Registry Member's Show and Shine

Wild, Weird and Kool


The Registry

Register your Type 181 or 182
Thing, Kubelwagen, Safari, Trekker, 'Mehrzweckwagen'

This is the Original Type 181 Web Registry
We are a long standing, reputable organization that was one of the first three
Type 181 Sites on the Internet.
And, we are the only one where you can see the results of your input.
These statistics are published here for your edification and enjoyment.
(What do the others do with the information you provide?)
You may also inquire into the history of your car (that's why the VIN # is crucial)
Your input is transmitted over a secure server
SSL so the information you provide is safe.
We do not pass on or sell this data to other individuals or businesses.
We have been compiling a comprehensive list of remaining Type 181s since 1996.

If you own a Type 181, Type 182 or a Type 82 please Register your car(s).

There is no charge for this service.

Register your car now.
View the data in the registry



The World's Oldest and Largest Type 181 Web Classifieds

Type 181, Type 182 and Type 82's
Vehicles, Parts and Accessories
Cars & Parts Wanted

Got something to sell? Check our Wanted Listings
Want a Thing or need a part? Check our For Sale Listings

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Accident Claims

In the never ending quest for fairness for our members, and all Type 181 owners, we have identified a problem that is unique to our community.  When some of our members were unfortunate enough to experience an accident that involved our cars we found that many claims adjustors were ignorant of the worth of this unique vehicle.  The most common complaint is that some claims adjustors are under the impression that all air cooled Volkswagens are Bugs and will write the car off as a total loss if the damage exceeds $600-$800.  In an effort to help those who may experience this horror in the future we are compiling information, files, and statistics that can be made available to those that may require it. (See Jerry Kempe's extensive article in "Thing Stuff".)

If you have recently sold, purchased or concluded an insurance claim procedure we would appreciate your completing this form so that others will have the information necessary to argue for a fair settlement of their claim. This information will only be made available if required to improve the accident claim settlement of a fellow Thing Owner.

Claims Information Form


Pacific Northwest Thing Association Monthy Cruises

Long Beach, WAshington Loyalty Day Parade

San Diego VW Thing Club events

VW Kübel-Klub Deutschland Events

vw kever club Belgium Events


Miscellaneous Thing Stuff


Type 181 Mailing Lists

Thing Grams
Thing Grams are informational emails provided by The Registry approximately
every other month.  They are not digests and not meant to be a chat room or
bulletin board for Type 181 owners.  The purpose of these Thing Grams is to encourage
Type 181 Owners to use their cars and support various Thing events throughout the world.
This is a non-invasive, sparingly used list to help you enjoy your Type 181.  
There are 2,385 subscribers to these Thing Grams as of May 22, 2003.

 Type 181 Registry
Thing Grams

Air Powered

VW Thing Owners Digest

This is a daily digest (bulletin board) whose purpose is to provide an exchange of
information between Type 181 Owners worldwide. It is an excellent resource for
answering your technical questions about our cars and just socializing with other
Thingers on the internet.  It is available as individual emails or in digest form.
Most subscribers take the digest form as the amount of mail can be overwhelming.
There are 793 subscribers to this digest.
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such as Ad-Aware available at and/or an alias email addrress if offered by your ISP)

Find an Email List
Type 181 Digest
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